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Quick question


Starting Adventurer
So... um I just registered ( a grand total of three minutes ago ), and I have a question
Is teleporting allowed on the server? or do I have to walk in order to get places? #iwanttoseerivendell


Builds Diagonally
Hello and welcome to MCME!!
Haha, of course are you allowed to teleport! Just type in chat /warp [placename]

Have fun exploring!


Manual Treebuilder
just do /warp <placename> in game
for example to get to rivendell you would do /warp rivendell

For a handy reference do /helper map
to get a link to the server map which shows all warps.


Staff member
Aah... I see now, one other question

what commands are newbies like me allowed?
Quite a lot actually, some useful ones might be:
1. /to [placename] (same as warp but a bit shorter)
2. /tpa [playername], telelports you to another player
3. /msg [playername], lets you have a private conversation with another player
4. /l, lets you talk in local which means that only the people close to you can hear you.
5. /fbt, gives you full brightness
6. /fly, sometimes you can lose the ability to fly (common when youre switching worlds) then do /fly to activate fly again.


Staff member
You can walk, fly, or warp to different places on the map. If you do /helper map that gives you the URL to our Dynamap, that shows you all the warps you can visit as well as your location in real time.
If you do /warp list that shows you all the warps you can visit, then it's /warp list 2, /warp list 3 and so on.
There's footsteps leading out of Bagend that take you along the path of the Fellowship.
To see if there is a job running do /job check
To join a job do /job join jobname
If there are no jobs available but you're still itching to build you can try the theme build, you can start by typing /theme