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Accepted raf_the_eagle


Yellow Flower Puncher
~My Artist Application~

I joined MCME in early March of 2016. I had been on the server a while before then, then forgot about it. I returned on the said date, made an account, and got more involved with jobs and activities.

When I joined, Lamedon was in full swing. I took part in many road, river, and farm jobs, mainly under @Eriol_Eandur (pics in Imgur Album). I also did some jobs for @Wroxxite and @Tyranystrasz at the High Moors (sadly no pics). On top of jobs, I ruined a house for the Fornost Ruining Project, which was approved and added into the actual city. Finally, I did a small tree plotbuild near Dol Amroth under @Eaglz24 which has yet to get approval.
I did a Moria ruining job for Credoo, which was a pleasure to work in Moria.
MCME Artist Application Job Pictures

Previous to MCME, several years ago, my friends and I had a minecraft minigames server. Much of my building was for that server. At that time, my building was not very developed, and we used a lot of World Edit to make fun maps quick. However, some progression can be seen in all the maps that I have helped make. The wide variety of styles and themes helped me acquire a wide range of building experience. All these builds were teambuilds, each member of the team doing a different part.
*Large* Album of Past Builds

On MCME, I have participated in several Themed Builds, but only finished and recorded the most previous one, the Tomb of Elendil. I used some info from the website, but also fused my own creativity into it.
Tomb Of Elendil Pics

And Barad Nimras, the White Tower of Finrod Felagund.
Barad Nimras Pics
After receiving feedback from Finrod, I went back and redesigned the facade of the White Tower, and also built a barracks where the guard of the tower would live.
Barad Nimras 2.0 Pics

I did the Ethring Themed Build, focusing on the structure and believability of it, while adding some details.
Ethring Pics

When it comes to style of building, I very much enjoy building castles and small buildings. In the Lord of the Rings world, Gondorian and Dwarven styles are probably my favorite, each with their very distinct cultural and architectural nuances. Outside of LotR, I enjoy playing around with modern and abstract styles. On an old minigames server my friends and I owned, I built many arenas with different styles, and I was always attracted to either medieval or futuristic.

The goal of MCME is so fascinating, so exciting to me. I am a huge Tolkien fan, and so when I discovered this server, I felt I had struck gold. Being able to hang out with other people with your same fascination and build Tolkiens magnificently intricate world block by block is a truly amazing opportunity. As Artist, I will be able to help in projects such as Moria or the upcoming Dol Amroth, which I am particularly excited about. I am keen on learning more about Tolkien and improving my building skills by working with other amazing builders as I have seen there are on this server.
Also, in light of the new Foreman rank being added, I would like to become Artist so that I can later apply for Foreman. This is another, side motivation for becoming artist, as someday, I would like to become a Foreman and be the one that helps the Adventurers build in Middle Earth.
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hon. Head Designer
Hey raf,

Thanks for your application and sorry again for the late reply!

The fact that you seem to be very versatile in styles, and of course that you are part of MCME since quite a while makes you a very good candidate! However for your own good, to make sure you will be able to cope with the things you might get asked to do as an Artist, I'd like you to give another Themed Build a try, best one where you can show off your skills on building houses using the MCME RP's, both exterior and (getting more and more important) some creative and innovative interior ideas!

As feedback on your submitted builds I got two specific things that jumped to mind when browsing your images: The stone structures in your TB are intricate and nice-looking, but really top-heavy and thus prone to collapsing. In Middle-earth, especially near important sites, structures probably are built to last for very long.
Secondly you sometimes used logs very extensively. Please note that logs in most cases should only be used as straight beams (vertically or horizontally), but no curved or other intricate shapes. For that use planks instead.

~ Finrod


hon. Head Designer
Hey raf, thanks for the update!

Here's some feedback on your recent Themed Build:
- Overall the tower is looking very nice, about the right amount of detailing and statically credible. However it does not look very elvish in style! Towers with square cross-section really are much rather what humans or dwarves would build. While of course the elven towers are also built for practical reasons, their style still is significantly different from other races'; generally spoken elves rather use organic shapes, which is usually all sorts of round shapes.
- Your tower has a lot of holes. And it's standing at sea where it probably is frequently rather windy, and in winter it's gonna get cold there, most likely will have snow. And you have beds and all that in there, so probably pretty uncomfortable! Practical aspects go over nice looks!
- Most who entered the contest filled the towers with beds and other furniture. While that generally is okay I do think it'd be a much more sensible solution to have a separate small house next to the tower as dwelling place. Check out the concept image on Tolkiengateway, there the artist has put a "normal" house merged to the tower base. I assume it's a lot more practical to have these things outside the actual tower, you can support more troops and they don't have to climb a steep ladder or stair dozens of times a day.

Your building skills are great! But you need to put more time and thought into whether the stuff you build actually makes sense or not!

~ Finrod


Yellow Flower Puncher
Again, thanks for the feedback! :) I was thinking the same along the same lines with the elvish style, how mine was too blocky! And I agree that it is illogical to have a bedroom in the third floor. I built that all in one day, so you are right, I should have definitely thought it all through a bit more!


Yellow Flower Puncher
UPDATE: Edited the TB and implemented your changes as best I could, edited the Themed Build section of the Application. I know its still not perfect, but I believe its an improvement! :D


hon. Head Designer
Thanks for the update and giving these tips a try! Yeah such small roofs always help a lot to make something look more elvish :p However I've got something to think about regarding roofs: Whenever you use roof shingles they need to be supported from below. Shingles are laid rather loosely ontop of the roof, you can't really nail them together (the material is too brittle), so they can't support each other, they need something to lay on.
That also means that you should not be able to see any shingles from inside the hut!

I would really like to see you using the many small things we mentioned now in a new and fresh TB. Try to make it look nice, but at the same time think about how it would look like in real life, and whether it would work out or not! I really like the style you build with, I really do! But, as we say in german, the devil lies within the detail, and that is what can make a generally nice build look odd on second sight!

~ Finrod