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Accepted Ragsna123


Dirt Conaisseur
Dear whoever will read this thread,

obviously I wrote this text in order to gain the artist rank. I hope it is enough to statisfy all criteria...

I first joined the server around the end of March and beginning of April 2016, and since then I have found it quite fun. If nothing prevents me from staying I plan to remain on the server in the future.

The jobs I participated in since my arrival have been mostly road and river jobs. Additionally, I helped a bit with the paths in the builderschool and helped fix derpy trees. I know this does not sound so extremely impressing, but there seem to be no much more complex jobs when I am on...

Here are links to some (themed) builds I made on the server:

I must admit that I do not really have any real preferences, as I have fun generally building. It is in the hands of the designers or so to judge at which styles I am better. From my point of view I am not as good at filigrane structures, but I am not really sure as it sometimes works.

As I said before I think that MCME is a very fun server, as it isn't as hectic as others. Additionally, it is easier for me to build things when I feel resposible for building them. The other members are also very nice, and the server has a nice atmosphere. Therefore I plan to stay on the server, and that is more fun if you are an artist. I would readily do any projects, though I would like to start with some smaller things to get into the new rank...

Thank you for reading this, I hope it wasnt wasted time,



Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Thank you for your application! I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to increase your chances to get accepted.

I noticed your themed builds some time ago as wondered about when you would apply. Your screenshots show very good building skills. There are only some points you could improve.
First: Materials
At your goblin town you could use some more distinct materials. I think you used one kind of logs and wood planks only. Also the cave is made of smooth stone only. You could improve with one or two other materials (each wood and stone) to get a more interesting look.
At your formenos wall, the white pillars look quite weird to me. Is it stained clay? I has almost no pattern and looks out of place to me. You could try to use white stone bricks maybe.
Second: Details
All your builds look a bit empty as there is almost no stuff around. There could be chests, crates, rubbish, a small boat, cracked and mossy stone bricks, torches, banners (paintings) ... All those details are very important, you could try to add them to your Themed-builds or try a new one as you wish, also some house interiors would be great (goblin or human).

When you have more screenshots to show, add them to your post above here. When you do, please also reply to this thread. Just say "update" or somthing like that. It will bring your application on top of the long application list and will make us notice your update.

Aside from themed builds you can improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<<. When you finished a task for a Designer, remember to ask the Designer to give points to your application as described >>here<<.


hon. Head Designer
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When I saw your Formenos TB today I was really blown away, it looks very awesome! On second sight though I must point out some flaws that I did notice:
  • Use of the blue roof shingles: Theres a few spots where you placed stone blocks ontop, namely at the towers in the outer wall. That's a structural no-go as the brittle shingles would not really be able to carry such a weight.
  • In these open-air corridors ontop of the wall with the fence-roofs over them you always use single shingle blocks in there, again that's a bit weird to do, i'd do just fences without any shingles, maybe also a bit less fences to make it less repetitive, compare the paths in Rivendell for that.
  • Your trees, although some are chopped down, are growing on an artificial cobblestone floor, either no trees there, or make a dirt patch, can be very geometric/artificial with some stone border, a bit like a flower bed, but just provide some soil for these poor trees. Also you can type /get logs to acquire special log blocks that have bark on all six sides, makes trees look a lot nicer if you use those!
  • Then of course, as Eriol already mentioned: Details and interior! While your build looks very impressive already (I must emphasize that your structural building skills are top notch!) it is the details that make a build come to life. Divide that massive house into rooms, make dining halls, meeting rooms, storage rooms, bedrooms and whatever you can think of. Checking out all the larger buildings on the main map will also provide you with lots and lots of ideas of what you can fill up your empty space with.
For the Goblin Town Build:
  • Again, looks very very impressive and clearly shows how much time you have put into it!
  • The one thing I'd give you as tip here is thinking about "why is this platform needed", it looks very awesome having such a huge cave filled with platforms everywhere, but you should reason them. E.g. you could make some smaller caves into the cave walls that serve as dwelling spots for the orcs (can place that hay-carpet as kind of beds) or maybe make an area where they mine for iron or coal.
  • Stone-roof and stone ontop of wood are the #1 structural no-goes; that tower at the top will not survive the faintest breeze without falling over on these narrow wood piles, and making a roof out of stone for such a big and even more a wooden building is also unnecessarily hard to make it work out.
  • Then again the interior is a bit meagre, the top floor interior looks rather like someone is playing survival minecraft with the two furnaces and the chest discretly put into the corner. Check out the Rohan places for interior ideas there and e.g. how one can make a proper fireplace in a wooden house.
  • Very nice build, and here it is the details you did put in that make everything look a lot better, the destroyed houses, and the fallen Oliphaunts.
  • I think the Oliphaunt could have been a bit fatter, especially a bit wider, but else proportions are very very good!
  • The tusks could be a bit more massive, we keep it as a rule not to only connect blocks only over one edge or corner, altough that rather applies for structures. Still I think the tusks could be a bit thicker.

There's a lot of aspects in your builds that are very very awesome, especially your eye for structure details. But it's mainly your interior work taht I'd like you to improve on yet because that will be something that is a very common thing Artists get down to do: house interiors. What I'd like you to do is go back to either the Formenos or Laketown buildof yours and try to build a fancy interior there.


Dirt Conaisseur
I am really really sorry, I didnt get any Alert for this post, and so I didnt notice your replies...

I am not sure if I got any job points for these jobs, so I am just posting them on here... (if it works).

I have just ran another job finishing the bushes on the farms and doing some roads. Thanks to @Wraith_Knight for starting the job and these droogs for joining the job: @_Lord_Of_Squids_ @Alvin035 @TI_20601 @Medraut_ @Buubadoof @Ragsna123 @TheDrayzST @maddog0078 and finally @DynoDaring
Another 2 jobs were run today by me. In the first we finished all the roads around the farms, and in the second we did a marsh. Here is a picture of the second job:
Thanks to @jacenpeter who voxelled for some parts of the job and starting them. Here are the people who participated (sorry if you are not mentioned as there were lots of people involved): @TI_20601 , @Ragsna123 , @_Lord_Of_Squids_ , @Alvin035 , @Buubadoof , @solbacken0504 , @TheDrayzST , and @DynoDaring .
Well, I never really finished most of the themed builds as I thought there still was a time limit so they always ended up a bit empty.
I will revise one of the builds soon (pls dont remove me from the watch list yet, I really didnt notice the reply).

I will send some images when I am done...
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Dirt Conaisseur
And thank you (all) for the useful advice.
I will incorporate it in my builds.

(Also, what white pillars, my entrie build is beige-gray...?)
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Dirt Conaisseur
Hey guys,

First I have some pictures of the throne room and saferoom for the Simarils in Formenos:
Here are some screenshots of the interior design of a small bedroom and a small living room I made also in Formenos:
I havent gotten to the larger halls yet, as I didnt have enough time (and started in the side wing).
I am okay with it if this is enough, but if not I will start building again on Thursday, as I am gone for 4 days to visit my grandmother.


A snake in a hat...


hon. Head Designer
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Thanks for all the updates Ragsna! Checked out your Formenos today again ingame and I really have to say that I like a lot where it is going to! I would really like to see what you still can do with it, there's already a lot of innovative things in your build that I like a lot!
I hope you're not yet sick and tired of that build, please continue it for a bit more, it definitively has Artist potential!


Dirt Conaisseur
Hey guys,

I did some more work on Formenos:

Mainly I concentrated on adding some structures to the platform and the plain walls of the building. I also did one kitchen (+ vent for transportation of food). Additionally, I started work on the second floor and did most of the stairs.


Again, maybe it would be nice if you could look at it yourselves...


Snake in a Hat