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[Ranger] KnightZack60

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Name: KnightZack60
Date joined: December 15th 2013? (somewhere along this week)
Country: United States
Age: 13
Are you on Teamspeak: Yes almost everyday, while I might not be to chattiest person, i'll talk every once in a while.
Do you talk regularly: Listed above
What can I bring to the table: Good knowledge of the server, friendliness, hard work, good sense of humor, and some lore.
Why do you wish to become a ranger: Well, I enjoy helping players and showing them around, getting to know newer players, and make new friends. Another reason is that i'm not the best builder and I would much rather chat and showoff the amazing builds that have been made on the server to the players who haven't experienced it yet. I feel that rangers accomplish all of that. plus that sexy green

So yeah. :p Goodluck to everyone else applying!
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Hardcore MCME-er
Hello, Knight

Appreciate the application for a position as Ranger. We will let you know if anything comes up.

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