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Mar 2, 2014
Minecraft Username Name: phineas777

Date Joined:
16th of June 2013


14 (It says 18 on my profile, I can't change it)

Are you regularly logged on TeamSpeak?: Yes

Do you speak on TeamSpeak regularly?: Yes, I do. In jobs and in tours. I frequently give the Thralls and some Commoners tours through the Mines of Moria, which are "full of lore" (due to the excellent advice given to me by JordD04)

What makes a good Ranger?: To me, a good Ranger is somebody who is not a Tolkienoligist but not completely indifferent to the world of LoTR. A good Ranger is knowledgeable of the Lore of Arda and the history of the builds on the MCME Server. A good Ranger should be able to give help to those who need it. A good Ranger should be confident and should be able to speak out (and also maybe crack a few jokes along the way :p)

Side notes (just because they make my application more complete):

What other skills you bring to the table?:
I have become accustomed to giving tours (hence above) and I am a national debating champion in my country, so I have great public speaking skills and I have read the LoTR series and the Hobbit and the Silmarillion.

Why do you want to be a Ranger?
I love helping the newer players on the server with everything, from helping them connect to TeamSpeak to showing them through Moria.

Good luck to everybody else applying!
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