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ranger Thomashx1

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Starting Adventurer
Name : Thomashx1
Age : 15
Date joined : 06/12/13
Country : belgium
Are you regulary in teamspeak : yes but not lately
Do you regulary speak in teamspeak : yes
What else can you bring to the table : i am a proffesional javascript writer. So i can make minecraft mods/games
I love the lotr books and movies. Now waiting for the 3 hobbit.
I know the hole mcme map i spent days in the dynamic map. I like to walk trough the world even i can fly and use warps i prefer walking i hav walked trough moria and i know my way in there. I know a lot of the specific things of lotr that aren't mensiont in the movies. My inglish writing is not good but my speaking and reading are very good my friend tell me i have a nice voice.
Why do you want to be a Ranger : i love touring. I like helping people and i want that everywone knows the server as i do its fun talking to new people and make new friend and teaching them more about lotr and the hole mcme map.

Thank you for reading my applicaton


Hardcore MCME-er
Hello, Thomash

Appreciate the application for a position as Ranger. We will let you know if anything comes up.

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