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Rank Changes Suggestion


Build-Hardened Veteran
Also regarding commoner i feel like it should be made like it was back in 2014 when i joined where you have to forfill a requirement to get the rank, back then it was be on the server for 2 weeks , instead of that you can change it, to demonstrate that member appling that they take part in the community, so my idea for the commoner rank requirement is "help in 3 different jobs and join 2 different tours (name the guide / foreman or Enforcer who gave the tour and name the foreman or Designer who ran your job) and they can show like screenshot evidence of them being part of the jobs. I think something like this would be far more effective and would give foreman more players for jobs and guides more players for tours

Edit : you of course need to apply on the forums forgot to to mention that

@redbarron2022 would you say as a adventure these are realistic requirement that an adventure you could forfill and work towards compleating
I agree!


Hardcore MCME-er
One of the issues, particularly with Summer and various players going on vacations for extended time, is that Commoner votes have an expiry time, Eriol thought it was set to 100 days but it was in fact 30 days, so if a player for example goes on vacation for 2-3 weeks he/she could potentially lose a large number of votes. I have set the "vote expiry time" to 100 days as intended now.

FYI: I know people will ask why an expire time is used... The intent of the expiry time was for those players who come on, are active for a week or 2, then disappear into the Nether never to be seen again. (or least maybe a year later)