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~Realism Guides Inbox~


Hardcore MCME-er
Ehm no the majority of roads are dirt, even in Gondor. But yes (almost?) all roads are strictly 3 wide, that's not good.

Side note @Eriol_Eandur what about cart roads? Roads used only by carts with grass growing in the middle.
Yes, I was thinking about that too. Roman roads were wide enough for two carts to pass eachother with a dike for water on either side whilst pilgrims roads were only wide enough for two persons to pass eachother on the way.

I was thinking of such roads too. Dirt roads like that would mostly be where there were a lot of cart traffic but not so much traffic as to warrant a paved road so there would probably be a few roads like that in Middle Earth, especially around rural areas like the shire or the further reaches of Gondor.


Hardcore MCME-er
Sort of related topic, sometimes it feels like too many small streams on the server have bridges over them, when a simple ford might be more realistic? Like the roads in Eriol's guide it depends on who uses/maintains it but still.