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Accepted RedAnaran2022 Minigame Badge Application


Involved Member
Minecraft username: RedAnaran2022
Date Joined: Sometime in 2015, joined forums 21/05/2017

Rank (Commoner + ): Yes
Microphone?: Standard computer mic
Talk regularly on Discord?: When I was guide, I talked quite a bit, but since I have been less active, I haven't had as much of a chance to talk. Of course while running a minigame I would.

Motivation/ Why am I applying for the rank?: When I was guide, I tried to run 1-2 minigames when I was on the server. I always enjoyed running the minigames, as they were quite enjoyable to play and host, and I enjoyed interacting with the amazing MCME community. I miss these amazing interactions I had, and realized I can't be working all the time, so I hope to become more active (though not as much as when I was guide), and host some minigames! Getting the minigames badge would allow me to do the things I liked best as guide, while also not having the immense responsibility of my old rank. As I already know how to operate minigames and believe I can make a strong contribution to this server with this badge, I hope you will accept my application. Thank you!


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Hey Red,
I'm currently checking all applications. Thank you for your application. I'm sorry no one yet responded to it. If you still interested in this application please tell me.



Involved Member
Hey Eriol,

Though I am not very active, I would still be happy to receive the badge for the times I do come on, for I worked with minigames quite a bit as guide, got experience, and enjoyed it. If not, I totally understand.