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Request - MCME Bounder Insignia


Hardcore MCME-er
Hello Graphic Artists,

Just a fun request here if possible. I require a Coat of Arms / Insignia Image for Bounders. I want the badge to still utilise this (Image)

How I want this distinguished is;
  • possibly incorporate the Gondor Shield design with the 7 Stars of Elendil
  • White Wings going to both sides like a Aviator Badge
  • Possibly include Orange Minecraft Sword within the ring next to the Pickaxe (not required but if it works, include it)
  • Must include "MCME Bounder / Est. 2010" on the badge somewhere. They can be seperated where 'MCME' can be on the top and 'Bounder' on the Bottom. Likewise 'MCME Bounder' can be on the top line and 'Est. 2010' can be on the bottom

Please provide submissions below. Keep discussion to constructive feedback and request for more information.

Thanks! ;)