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Howdy Folks!

This is being hatched pretty suddenly perhaps... but hey! Everything comes to an end eventually!
I didn't expect my time as Head Guide to come to an end so soon (after only 7-8 months), but I just feel that now is the right time. I haven't spoken with many people about this yet, so I understand this may come a bit unexpected. So allow me to explain myself!

I have been on MCME since December 2011. I remember a time when I had to dig great ravines across a default minecraft world for rivers such as the Adorn and Anduin. I remember the secret base in Caras Galadhon and sneaking into Isengard before it was complete. I've seen almost every iteration of ranks MCME has produced over its long history (for a minecraft server) and I gotta say: I'm pretty happy I've had this server and its members in my life!

MCME remembers a time when I was but a 12/13 year old kid with a squeeky voice. MCME remembers my awkward sense of humor at one of the first award ceremonies. MCME has seen me pioneer the rank of Assistant and lead the Guides. It's seen me leave and return and now leave again... All I can hope to hear now is that the MCME community was happy to have me in its time. :)

I'm choosing now to leave because I don't feel that my attempts, opinions, and council on how to best improve the community is being appreciated. I like planning events like the Summer Events, Awards Ceremony, and various other things. I like running the Podcast. I like helping in videos/projects that help give the community jobs/things to look forward to. I enjoy listening to the voice of the community and applying that to my decisions and choices as an Admin. But I don't feel the appreciation, motivation, or indeed freedom I need to fuel these creative bursts on MCME.

To the Guides specifically, I am extremely proud of how well you all have received my leadership and I just hope I did a good job at representing the Team as an Admin and Staff member. I know there have been many bumps in the road we've all walked together and I just want you each to know YOU'RE why I've chosen to stay on MCME for 7.5 years. The sense of community I've shared with each Guide has always maintained my optimism for the server and I just hope that other ranks on MCME look to the Guides when questioning what MCME is all about. It isn't really about building middle-earth to me... Rather building relationships across the Earth we call home already.
The more we take away what makes people enjoy the game, the more we tamper with what has made MCME so great and successful; the worse off we will be as a community.

And so I respectfully resign my spot as Head Guide on MCME and hope to see the Guides continue to flourish under a new Head. I can offer myself as a mentor to this new Head for the next short while, but I really must say my time has come to a close on MCME. If anyone has any specific questions, I will be sure to answer to the best of my ability... Otherwise,

I regret to announce this is the end.
I'm going now... And I bid you all a very fond farewell.


Goodbye Ark or Urk or even Urkenegurde or whatever things I have called you over this year! Yes, this year because this day one year ago was the day that I for the first time logged onto the server and was blown away by its majesty. I can't really remember if I saw you that day but i'm sure we met around that time, I was a mere droog and you were a guide.

I will never forget all the great memories with you Ark and all the amazing things you have done for the server. I'm sure your events were the best and I would be suprised if they weren't although I have actually never been to an event not organised by you so I shouldn't be the judge. The guideHQ is surely one of the greatest builds on the server and I will make sure to look after it when you are gone! I also remember doing that river-run from years ago with viggy which might have been frustrating but still fun. Also i'm very sorry for killing your dog...

Goodbye Ark and good luck! I hope to see you on the server from time to time!

(also here is a picture of your face I found for some reason)
What am I gonna do without my toilet selfies?

Seriously though I know you already know it but thanks for everything. Keeping it brief, you've been the best. :)
You will be deeply missed and I'm terribly sorry that you feel like you didn't get the appreciation you deserve for your absolutely astonishing work on the server and in the community however seven and a half years of underappreciation is a long time so I can understand if you've grown tired of it over the years. I hope to see you around sometime.
Oh my... I can't believe it! Another Texan has left, an important one no less! I will miss you mate, you have quite a run.. :(
Good luck onwards and don't be a stranger!
I will very much miss your lead as the Head Guide. You have helped out the community of MCME so much, and I appreciate that. Without you giving me that Moria tour on the first day I joined, I probably would not be here today. You will be missed.
Youre a beast my dude. May you carry with you your fun loving spirit whereever you go and benefit the lives of those around you in all places. Its been a fun time messing around in MCME with you. You have helped many of us have more fun and community. Love you dude. See you around.
Even though we had our differences (and yes there were a lot of them ;)) I appreciated and most respected your compassion, commitment, and candidness. And even though we had these differences, we were able to look past all of them and at the end of the day we were able to leave the conversation with a good word and more importantly the knowledge that I wasn't dealing with someone I met online, but a friend. Your integrity astonishes me even as of now, and the guides were and still are lucky to have someone they could rely on; to represent them, talk to them, and lead them through the past year. I do not think that bond you have with them will likely break. I hope to see you around on the server, but if you are to leave, I then hope we can keep our friendship going. Being an admin... a majority of your work is unappreciated, for no one can see the full picture of what you do, except for you alone. I can confidently say though, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else on the team. Thank you for making MCME what it is and I hope not to let you down in my effort to maintain what MCME is all about.
mark my words. I am gonna take your job.

All seriousness though, I appreciate all you've done for mc(ME) and I wish you nothing but the best. You were always my favorite guide (dont think i dont know you cause im a pretty darn good lurker). Lastly, I hope one day you can come back one day and see all the work we have done on the server. Representing the MCME community of non-staff members in this feed, we thank you. Oh, and one more thing, can you please say hi to Keralis for me? thanks!

Best Regards,
- Vex
Leaving without saying goodbye to me first? Such insolence. Anyway. I appreciate everything you have done btw. Sad to see you leaving and you will be deeply missed. Hope you can pop in now and then. Go light the world on fire! =D