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Resource Pack Areas Map


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Since I can't find one I figured I'd get one started and then people on the forums with way more knowledge about this than me can correct it. I wanted to know what the boundries of the different resource packs are, in map form so it is easily viewable. I only colored in the parts of the map where some work has actually been done. All of this is basically guesses on my part so anyone here who actually knows feel free to correct it.

This map uses the X,Z coordinates that the Texture Pack Switcher Plugin uses to show the current regions the texture packs in game use. There are overlaps and "missing" areas but I imagine those will be fixed with time.

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nindalf and the mouths of the entwash are in rohan, also there are other map(s) but i don't think it hurts having one more


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Where are the other maps? I couldn't find one (I recall seeing one a while ago but that was before the old forums were lost).

I've updated the picture in the first post.