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Resource Pack Suggestions


Hardcore MCME-er
I am creating a realms server, and I need a good general use resource pack for people to use on it. Any suggestions?



Builds Diagonally
Yeah I checked around - it certainly isn't your fault that the only place to download Conquest_ is the spammy site.
I use an adblocker for most websites, so I didn't notice it was a spammy website. Monsterfish sure does want his money xD


Hardcore MCME-er
I'm using college internet which has a fair amount of filters - ads are replaced by the college icon - but I don't know why both sites aren't blocked. I have a feeling to report the websites.


Builds Diagonally
Make sure to use Optifine with the pack - it's so much better with Optifine's features.
so many metadatas. It's a pain to have to use mcedit on single player to use them, but apparently it'll be easier to get metadata blocks in 1.8