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Resourcepack Icons

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Hardcore MCME-er

So I noticed that the Resourcepack Icons (or whatever you wish to call them) that are visible when you go to change resource packs in game seem to be a bit random and, for viewing pleasure, could be changed to something far more visually appealing and uniform.

So here is what I was thinking, doing something similar to that of the current Eriador pack with screenshots of given locations that correspond to the region with either the MCME logo in the corner OR have the image inside the MCME logo ring (which could be really cool)

Image wise, here is what I was thinking:
  • Eriador: Rivendell
  • Rohan: Edoras
  • Lothlorien: Caras Galadhon
  • Gondor: Minas Tirith
For the images, I am sure you could either take one yourself or find a good one on the forums and then photoshop something together.

Thanks and I hope someone is able to do this
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