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Right now


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if only i hadnt left my 360 back at home, although ive upgraded to the one at uni now. still need to get BF4 though


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Can we either keep on topic with BF3 or take this elsewhere? I can easily lock this thread.
It was never about BF3 it was about playing BF3 right that moment as fire posted it. Its more specific. As the moment has passed you could close the topic. But if somebody decided to play BF3 again and wants people to join and again starts a thread you are gonna keep busy closing and deleting topics.


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lol mw2 the best stuff. Was never a fan of bf series, only bf2 that's the one that i more liked, but mw series especially mw2 ftw!


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Call of duty is a child's game. Auto aim assist and no recoil on the weapons...

I had never played cod and was at a buddies house. He was playing and I took over for him while he was on the phone. I died immediately because I use inverted look controls. But once I changed that I went on a 22/0 spree. He was like "dayum! How much do you play this?!" And I was like " first time, by the way, aim assist is for puzzies!"