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Finished Rivendell Reboot


Hardcore MCME-er
Rivendell Reboot

Leaders: KlemensPlusLukas, K1sK1BBab35, MuddyDirt
Supervisors: Credoo, iSMiTHz

General Plan:
1. Build all of the trees in the valley-(in progress)
2. Update the cliffs to add more depth. This means adding crevices and add more block type to the cliffs.-(done)
3. Edit the high pass and minor changes to the paths in the valley.-(done)
4. Redo the forge.- (almost done)
5. Add the White Council to the valley(minor river changes come with that).-(done)
6. Update the roofing and towers on the houses.-(done)
7. Detail some of the plainer walls-(done)
8. Just a tad of interior work-(done)
9. Change Council of Elrond a bit-(done)
10. Add pathway that the dwarves came on. (in progress)

Suggestions are always welcomed by the community! Just improving the great work of Bevs.

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So, who can help with this project? Is it only open to artists, foremen and staff. In about 5 days I'll have commoner (probably) and maybe I could help. Or if thralls can help, I can help now.

You could also add the place where they read the moon runes on the paper in the Hobbit Book and Movie.


Hardcore MCME-er
this project will mostly just be us three working, no commoner- jobs srry. also the moonstone is already added


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Seeing "reboot" made me think "wait wut," but giving it some nice spit-and-polish sounds great.


Make it lore-accurate? So reducing the number of towers to 1 and etc...
Screw lore accuracies.
Look at How successful Peter Jackson is without them!
Well as kisk said we're not really going to make it more lore accuracy, since in Lore rivendell is just one big house. This would mean a complete revamp.
The thing we're going to is basicly to increase the build standart of the current rivendell without major changes to it.

Also PJ still have a lil lore


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
I have a wish, for the moon stone. With the current overhang there won't be one second per year when moonlight reaches the moon stone. So either just drastically make the overhang smaller or/and make the lower part where the moon stone is on so big that theres no overhang directly above the stone.