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On Hold Rohan town upgrade


~:~|~:~ Rohan town upgrade ~:~|~:~
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Project Leader: @NicTheFifth
Co-Leader: @Antecedence
Project Staff: All Foreman​

First and foremost, this project, as specified, is an upgrade, which means that we will leave the original builds. The goal is to bring the houses of Rohan up to standard, this will mostly be done in jobs, which method will be explained in this post. Also important to know is that this project does not take priority over other projects.

There are a few steps to this project. All of which have been written down in chronological order below.

1. Remove the wheat, farmland and move the roof one block up, after which you make the roof with purpur. Make sure the roof is a bit chaotic looking. As can be seen below.

2. Add farms, small storages and shops around the town. (Remember that all towns need a few basic trades, such as baker, peasants and mayor) These should be a lot around the town and try to make each stand sell a specific item, or set of items. An example of a shop is below.

3. Add a defensive wall, which is slightly run down, or a farm wall around the town. Here you can see two versions next to each other, The wooden palisade on the left and the farm wall on the right.

4. Add vegetation around the town. The vegetation are grass, bushes and flowers. The bushes are made from oak and birch leaves. The flowers used are Red tulips and Alliums.

5. Upgrade the interiors, add different beds, use the heads and try to use the armorstands.

If there are any questions, you can always message @NicTheFifth, or check out the town Falstrim, which is north of Edoras. Lastly, if you want to take one of the towns that have to be done, please ask NicTheFifth for permissions, also when you finish a town notify NicTheFifth, so he can mark the town finished.

Red dots are towns that have to be started.
Yellow dots are towns that are being worked on.
Green dots are towns that have been finished.