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Rules Committee


~The MCME Rules Committee~


Why have a Rules Committee?

Our Rules and ToS have been in place since the times of whitelist/age limits, with some minor changes since then, and could better reflect our server today. Also over the years it has regularly occurred that people were upset at a ban or other disciplinary actions taken by enforcers. Sometimes the reason for their anger is a disagreement between the way the enforcement team interprets the rules and ToS and the way others in the community do. When this happens there are discussion about whether the enforcers are too strict, or whether the rule that was broken should even exist in the first place.
We feel a way to alleviate these disagreements is through the introduction of a rules committee...

What is the Rules Committee?

The Rules Committee will be a body of representatives, one of each rank with the exceptions of Oathbreaker and Adventurer. This group of people will convene when they feel it is necessary to talk about the ToS, the rules and the enforcement of these rules. The committee will draft suggestions that will then be passed on to the enforcers and admins who will change the rules and ToS accordingly, or send the proposal back to the committee with feedback as to why it is unreasonable/impossible (clashes with other rules, impossible to enforce etc.).

Who will be on the Rules Committee?

As stated above, we need one person from (almost) every rank, so if you're not an Oathbreaker or Adventurer it could be you! We are looking for people who are not afraid to speak their mind, or disagree with our admins and enforcer team. That said we would like people that are also able to concede a point after debate and come to a mutual conclusion. If you are not picked it's not because we don't like you, it might just be we like you too much. We don't want to create a group of friends that will simply go along with enforcers. Finally I'll be at the meetings as well as an impartial moderator, presenting the topics and making sure people stay on point. I will also be communicating between members outside of meetings and setting up meetings when members request.

If you feel you would make a good member, let us know you are interested by replying to this thread, or sending a PM to me, @MaDIIReD .

Let us know your:

Name: ingame name
Rank: ingame rank
Motivation: why do you want to be on this committee.

Current members:

Valar: @q220 or @Credoo (TBD)
Enforcer: @Smaug_Niphredil
Designer: TBD
Foreman: TBD
Guide: TBD
Artist: TBD
Commoner: TBD
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