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Rules for Mordor Texture forum

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Call for Mordor Textures

Creating a completely new resource pack for Mordor is quit a big task. Mordor is quite different from all other areas we build so far. We need a lot of new textures and would like your help with creating textures. This is your chance to influence how our Mordor will look like!

You can help in three ways:
  1. You can't make textures? But you have an idea how Mordor should look like? Then you can post your ideas in the "Texture Ideas" thread. Please follow the format given in the thread.
  2. You want to make textures? Either pick an idea from the "Texture Ideas" thread or follow your own ideas and start creating THE texture you wished for all the time. There is a thread with some helpful information about creating textures: Resource Pack Tools and Tutorials
    If you want to submit a texture create a new thread in this forum following the format below. When you update a texture submission don't start a new thread but just edit your fist submission post and reply to your own thread to make us notice (just the same as for Artist applications):
    • Texture Name: Name from the "Texture Ideas" thread (choose one for own ideas)
    • Texture Description: Tell us for what purpose this texture is intended (may be copied from "Texture Ideas")
    • Ingame Screenshots: This is very important for us to evaluate textures. Make a few screenshots that show possible utilisations of your texture (if you need help with including your texture into a resource pack, send me a message either on forum or on discord).
    • Texture File: Don't forget to include the texture itself!
  3. Everyone is welcome to give constructive feedback on submitted textures in the individual thread of this forum. But all other posts will be deleted without further notice.
Important: Don't submit textures from other resource packs outside MCME community also don't submit textures created using such textures.
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