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Accepted RVB_Legend's Foreman application


Minecraft Username : RVB_Legend
Date Joined : December 27 2018
Country: Belgium

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?
Yes, I try to be in voice chat as much as possible.
Do you actively speak on our voice communication?
Yes, I love interacting with everyone and if I am thinking about something I'm not scared to speak up.
Do you have any particular skills?
I think I am good in social situations and teamwork. I feel like I can take the lead in a group while still listening to others, wich is something I already found verry helpfull on this server. If I get instructions on how to build something I can absolutely recreate this, but still solve problems if it isnt the typical thing (for example in the sewers in Dol Amroth where I did a lot of the connections (pictures below).
Why are you applying for this rank?
I love this community and I am always having a feeling that I want to help out more and more to make this server become even better and even more productive. Thats why applying for Foreman is a kind way to push myself to get more stuff done for this server. I didn't join too long ago but I already feel so passionate about everything that is happening on and around this server.
Some screenshots or pictures of your build attached:
More screenshots will follow the more I build in the next couple of weeks.



You got artist last week. In the same time that you applied for foreman, other people who submitted their artist app at the same time as you, are still waiting for a response. Imo a week is way too soon to encourage artists to apply for foreman, even though there's a current lack of them.
I completely understand. I know how many applications there are. I made this application just because I know I want this but when I was making it I ofcourse realised that it will still take a while! I will keep building an updating my post. :D


This man is doing a really great job. I have worked on a few of his jobs before and he is really good in explaining what to do and whatsoever. When he runs a job, there are quite a lot of people joining him. He is well loved and very good at his job! I would say. "Give this man an Oscar!" Or in this scenario... "Give this man the Foreman Rank!"