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Ryttyr’s Request Thread


Current request status:
Banner requests are: open.
Firework requests are: closed (until I have unlocked the fireworks donnor perk).
Chead requests are: open.
Skin requests are: closed.

OBS! Exceptions may be made for server project related requests and personal requests from close friends.

Make sure to read all of the general information as well as all of the information regarding your request type(s) before making your request(s)

General information
As you may or may not know I enjoy tinkering around with what BWOT calls “technical stuff” i.e. banners, fireworks, custom heads and player skins. I've always been glad to take on requests from friends and other players but this may not be well known to everyone so I decided to make a thread about it detailing what sort of requests I take and how you can go about requesting something from me.

When requesting something please follow this format:
[Request type] for [your Minecraft username]
Details: A description of your request (read on for further information).
Notes: Extra information regarding your request such as how you want to receive the finished product, prefered time frame for completion, etc (read on for further information).

Banner for ryttyr
Details: Red and black with a light-blue diagonal line separating the background colours into two fields.
Notes: Please put 5 of these banners in a chest at my place in freebuild (pm me for location).

Post your request either in this thread or PM me on Discord (or on the forums if you don't have Discord).
If you post your request in this thread I'll consider the request open and assume that I thus may share the final result with the rest of the server.
If you solely PM me the request I'll assume you want your request to be private unless stated otherwise.
If you post your request in this thread I will PM you on Discord (or the forums) for further information should I need it.
If you want to make several requests at once you may include them in the same message as long as their request types are currently open and that you follow the request format for each request separately.

If you want to request something that is non-pg or otherwise breaks the TOS or Rules of the MCME community PM me about it on Discord (only) and I may consider it but DO NOT request anything non-pg or TOS/Rule breaking in this thread or via the forums.

I reserve all rights to accept or deny any requests as I see fit, that I may take on the requests in whatever order I please and that I may also cancel any request at any point (although I'll often express my reason for doing so in a PM). Due to real life I will not make any promises to finish a certain request within a desired time frame (however I will try to finish it in time if there's a reason for the time frame). I also reserve the rights to update the request types statues as well as tge rest of the information in this thread without notice so it's up to you to check when requests are open and if I've changed my request info.
When requesting a chead or skin from me you agree to not upload or share any original or edited version of of the finished product without asking me first (with the obvious exception of uploading a skin to the Mojang Minecraft skin servers for personal use in game).

Also, aside from public requests that I feel may benefit the server as a whole I will only take on request from members that are Commoner+ (with the exception of people I know well). This is because the interest in the server is often fleeting amongst Adventurers and it's quite disheartening to make something for someone only for that person to never return to the server again.

For banners I take on almost any form of request but do keep in mind that I am limited to the patterns available to me which varies depending on if the banner is intended to be used on MCME or in vanilla Minecraft. Also note that if you intend to use the banner on MCME I can craft it for you in game but if you intend to use it in some other Minecraft world or server I'll only make a banner design for you using the Banner Editor.
  • If you intend on using the banner on MCME I'll have our custom banner patterns to work with (same as vanilla but with some patterns replaced by LotR themed ones) and I can also use our banner plugin to add more than 6 layers to a banner, allowing more patterns.

  • If you intend for the banner to be used in survival vanilla please specify this in the Request Notes and I'll make sure the design does not use more than 6 pattern layers so that the banner can be crafted without commands or plugins.

  • If you intend for it to be used in creative vanilla and spawned in via commands or plugins that allows for more than 6 patterns specify this in the Request Notes and I'll make such a design for you.

In the Request Details you should include what you want your banner to look like:
  • If you want a flag of any real-life country or region that has an official flag just write “[country/region]’s flag”.

  • If you want an unofficial or fictional flag please include either a detailed description of it or a link to a reference picture.

  • If you have an idea for an original banner describe it in detail as best you can.

  • If you only have a general idea for a banner you write your idea and I'll try to interpret and design it to the best of my abilities.
If I feel like your description of the banner is unclear or if I encounter any complications I'll ask you about it via PMs. Also, if you request a flag I will design it rotated 90° as if it's hanging down (to keep its proportions) unless you specify otherwise in the request notes.

Do keep in mind that I am limited to the patterns available to me and that some banners and flags thus may be really hard or even impossible to re-create in Minecraft due to their design’s dissimilarities to the available patterns (such as the flag of South Africa, sorry but that one is impossible to make in Minecraft without making a custom rp just for it).

In the Request Notes please write if and where you'd want me to drop off your banner(s) in Freebuild once they're completed. You may also include information such as a custom name for your banner, how many in-game items you want of this banner, whether you want it as a shield pattern as well and if you'd like me to save it to our server banner archive (however I will only save banners to the banner archive if I think they'll benefit the server as a whole). If you omit to mention something I'll assume you don't want it.

(The information regarding fireworks will be updated once I know how the firework perk plugin work.)

In the Request Details you should include what you want for your requested firework:
  • If you know the crafting recipe of a Minecraft firework you want but can't craft it due to your rank or perk permissions write down the crafting recipe for the firework you want.

  • If you have a general idea of how the firework should look describe its shapes, colours, visual effects, sequences or whatever else you have in mind.

  • If you have an idea of a theme/rank/faction/thing/whatever that you'd like me to interpret in firework form write “interpret [your idea] in firework form”. Further wishes as to how this should be done may also be included.
In the request details you must also include the desired flight duration of your firework (flight duration 1 = 12 to 22 blocks, flight duration 2 = 23 to 39 blocks, flight duration 3 = 40 to 60 blocks). A firework requires at least a flight duration of 1 and can at most have a flight duration of 3. This also affects for how long the firework will boost you if you're using elythras.
Note that each level of flight duration takes up an extra slot in the crafting table and that highly intricate fireworks takes up more crafting slots so if the desired flight duration cannot be fit into the crafting recipe I'll ask you via PMs if you want me to reduce the flight duration or the complexity of the firework.

In the Request Notes please write if and where you'd want me to drop off your fireworks in Freebuild once completed and how many of them you want. You may also include a custom name for your fireworks.

Some of you may wonder what a chead even is. A chead (pronounced C-head) is a custom player head that can be used for decoration in game. They're easily available on the server via our plugins, just type “/inv heads” or “/inv h” or “/warp heads” in game to see all cheads that already exists on the server and to get an idea of what chead requests are feasible and which are redundant.

Note that the only* way to get a chead in game is via the server's chead plugin. Cheads have to be accepted by a Head Designer to become available to the public on the server and the Head Designers only accepts lore accurate cheads that will be beneficial to the server as a whole. Due to this I won't take on chead requests I think will never be accepted, nor can you make any private chead requests as they have to be made public on the server's chead list for you to access it.

In the Request Details you should write what you would like me to make a chead of, like:
  • An object seen in the lore
  • An object that could fit in the lore
  • An animal that fits in the lore
  • Mini blocks (see below)
  • Server project specific stuff
You are especially welcome to request a mini version of any block (or other applicable texture) from one of the MCME resource packs. If so write which texture of which resource pack you would like as a mini block.

Cheads you should NOT request as they most likely won't be accepted by the Head Designers includes (but are not limited to):
  • Objects or characters originating from franchises other than Lord of the Rings or Minecraft.
  • Modern machines, apparatuses or technologies.
  • Things that can only be manufactured using modern technologies.
  • Blood and gore
  • Player heads
I will also not take on requests of characters’ heads or heads of generic people even if they're in the lore or would fit in the lore (with the exception of project related heads).

When requesting keep in mind that a chead use the player head model and will thus always be a 16x16px, non-transparent cube surrounded by a cubic outer layer that can be made transparent. This means that cheads can have a bit of depth but they will always be a cube 1/4th the size of a regular block.

If your request is similar to or matches a custom head that can be found in online databases I will likely base your requested chead on that database head. In some cases I might even submit the database head as is if I find it to be of good enough quality and it fills your request.

Request Notes is not required for cheads as the final naming of the chead is up to the Head Designers and as cheads have to go through the acception process carried out (irregularly) by the Head Designers I can never promise a time of completion.

* (There are other ways but those require either plugins or mods similar to what we have on MCME or that the chead texture is worn as a skin 24/7 by a registered Minecraft account.)

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