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Hardcore MCME-er
Hey sawApenguin,

I recommend you to make some builds on MCME before i'll give some tips. Most popular ways are making themed builds at /theme, these are weekly themed plots for people who are aspiring to get artist, you should definitely try making some. For this weeks theme check out this post #16/17 - [Project Build] Fortress of Maedhros.

Another thing you can do is build freely in freebuild, for this ability you'll need to get votes from other players for the Commoner rank, as Freebuild is available for Commoner+.

Also a tip for future updates, try to add several screenshots as opposed to one, it'll give us a better view of your builds.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
A few quick inputs for the white wall you built:

It looks boring, and not very stable because it's so thin. The boringness you can fix with two principles:
  1. Shapes: The wall is completely flat, and the battlements consist of just one full block. Use stairs and slabs to make the shape more interesting! Check out the many walls we have on the server to get some inspiration! Also, don't be afraid to make things a bit bigger, it makes it much easier to detail it!
  2. Different blocks: You can use more than just one block type for the wall, which also helps to make it look more interesting. For this as well, check out some walls on the server!