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Scoobybri (artist application)


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Hey Scoobybri,
some quick feedback:
  • Your house looks a bit like MCME 2014 with double layered walls and pillars and stair decorations at all walls. I like that but it's now looking quite outdated.
  • Your ceiling is a bit unrealistic. Crossed beams of same size are at least uncommon. Beams of a ceiling usually go only in one direction where the distance of the walls is less. But biggest issue is the beam ending directly on top of a window. The beam is supposed to support the ceiling, it needs strong support of a wall at it's end. A window below can't do that support.
  • some nice interior ;)
  • I'm missing some surroundings of that house :p
Keep going, good luck!


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Hey Scooby,

I'm affraid there's a misunderstanding here. We will never tell you how many trials you have left. We can give you as many trials as you like, we will not make you artist until the trial is accepted.

Anyways, you took care of some of the problems I wrote in discord.
  • The exterior still has a lot of unnecessary detail. There's no reason for there to be so much detail on the walls, rather try making your house more interesting by having a more original layout.
  • The interior now is better, though small stuff like a carpet, a small cloth hanger can really help.
  • Your top floor has a bit of a weird ceiling, I'd rather see a wooden ceiling, since you just supporting roof tiles.
  • You have a stone wall on the second floor with no stone wall below, this is not possible unless you have some kind of support. Stone above wood never works.
  • Some outside details can really bring your house to life and improve the general presentation

Don't forget to use inspiration, whether it is from another mcme build, another minecraft build or even real life. (do keep in mind on MCME we want some level of realism, so don't go too crazy ;)à

Eriol replied whilst I was still writing this post, so he already mentiond a couple of things... :)

Good luck on your future updates!


For bart-
My trial build is a house... Here it is...

Well.... Thats it and I do hope it gets accepted but if its not good enough its okay. Thank u for looking!


Here is my updates based on feedback from ober and mith-
added fence windows(not just these front ones)

I also added some storage options outside and clotheslines-



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Hello Scooby, I didn’t have time to give you my feedback as the server died but i’ll give it now.

• Firstly I saw that the thatch roof didn’t have any support, thatch can’t just stand by itself and would fall without support inside the house.
• Secondly you need somewhere for the smoke from the fire to go such as a chimney or a simple hole in the roof.
• Another problem is how you store the meat, there is a bucket with meat just lying there outside which would attract a variety of wildlife, the one by the fire could make sense if it is being prepared. You also have a few buckets of coal lying outside which would make more sense to have in a dry place as it is used as fuel for the fire.
• And lastly the bookshelf on the top floor is very much out of place as all books were hand written and therefore very expensive in medieval times, it wouldnt make sense for people in such a poor house to have that many books or even be able to read.

Otherwise it looks promising and I wish you good luck



Thank You For The Feedback Jona I Will Get Right To Work To Fix It Now And TY For Wishing Me Luck! (p.s the reason why the fireplace had no hole above is because it once did but somebody told me to make a second floor;))
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New FirePlace/Pit-


(Fixed the meat problem by replacing the meat with other barrels that will be used)
Added More Roof Support With Beams-

Fixed The I Cant Afford These Books I Dont Want Them Problem(lol)-

And Last But Not Least I Got Stabbed By An Armor Stand-

Thank You!