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Scooby's FAWE app


Aspiring Commoner
Day joined
May 20,2018
FAWE experience
On my server I have world edit and i used most of the commands such as the fill copy and flip brush spheres and more
Will I need help once i get it
Since i do have it on my server I shouldn't need teaching or anything cause I pretty much know the commands i am and are not supposed to do
Why i need it
Me and Creeper (Creeper0327) like building together and I do my self and fun builds that take a long time for me and us will be quicker with FAWE and id like to not have to do all the Terra-forming by hand that takes time and over time gets boring and copying symmetrical stuff gets might take a while and i could copy it with WE
What is a responsible player to me
To me, a responsible player is someone who will know and follow the rules. If the break rules they are not being responsible. When you are responsible, people would wants you around more often than people that are not responsible. Because you are responsible and mature you make people basically just happy that you are there.
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Aspiring Commoner
What do you mean: "put away the boring Terra-forming"?
I meant that i could just not have to do all my Terra-forming by hand and be able to do a lot of it with WE so i meant to put the hard and boring part away as in to just not have to waste time on it