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See you next year!


Hardcore MCME-er
Well well well, it seems a time of peace and quite in my house drives our family crazy! After a few years of surgeries and doctors appointments and hospital visits, my house finally slowed down. We had grown so accustomed to being busy with all that madness that we decided to travel to China and adopt for the 3rd time!

My whole family (wife, son and two daughters) leave for Beijing tomorrow at 4am! We are going to pick up a 3 year old boy and welcome him into his forever family. If you're the praying type, please send your prayers our way. Sometimes its hard for kids his age to understand whats happening. There's going to be so much change in his life AND ours. Hopefully we all transition easily.

For my part, I just hope I dont get sick again! Last time we went I drank something with ice in it which I believe was untreated! (the water is non-potable over there btw) I got a stomach flu and lost like 9kg before coming home.

Anywho, I have been super busy the past few months, saving money and making plans so I havent been on as much as Ive wanted. Hopefully once we get back and settled in I can jump on more often.

See you all next year, Merry Christmas!