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Server ideas/wishful talk


I think this is a nice initiative :)
Definitely do post things you want to see, because if you don't tell anyone what you want there is very little chance of it happening.


Hardcore MCME-er
Someone made an entire thread on Sarn Gebir when we were in Rohan. The issue is, it would involve either lowering Rauros some number of blocks, or raising the entire Anduin north of Rauros some number of blocks. It maybe something we could revisit, but its generally not something of greatest importance at the moment.


Yellow Flower Puncher
I have heard many people mentioning build of the Undying Lands, Numenor etc. How valid if at all is that?

Also will everything from the Hobbit be built (i.e. the Goblin caves, Gollum's cave, the eyries etc?