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~Server Partners~


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Hello all, a lot of you have been bombarding me with questions on what are Server Partners? If this is a merge? ...and a bundle of other questions. So let me explain to you in the easiest fashion.

To start off with this idea is just the beginning of a major update to possible processes that can be implemented. There are a lot of ideas coming together. I am calling this the Expansion Update. Many of the ideas have already been put in motion: 32px resource pack, reformation of the builder school, realism guides, harder and more structured promotion processes, more structure to organization of events and also promotion. Also hopefully we will be able to implement some ideas voiced from outside of staff but still in the community; eg, the badges.

However, a proper explanation of the Expansion Update is not ready yet. A lot more detail on the features will be coming out this week however so stay tuned but for now let's focus on the first aspect: Server Partners and promotion.

What are server partners?
Server partners are heads of other servers, that are just recognized on our discord and possibly in the future, the server as well. We are currently working with them on ways to promote our server with their resources. Currently the only server we are working with is Builder's Refuge and another separate organization but owned and run by same person (mikedmd) Builder's Academy.

Are we merging with another server?
No no no no no no no.... and no.

Does q220 approve of this?

What is Builder's Refuge?
Straight from the website: "Welcome to the Builder’s Refuge. The refuge is a passion project we started to accommodate professional Minecraft builders who are looking for a personal or commercial space to build and create art. We offer premium services at no charge along with a network of other builders and resources to help you become successful."

What is Builder's Academy?
Straight from the website: "The Builder’s Academy is an organizational system that connects students with teachers so that the knowledge, skill, and passion of building in Minecraft can be spread over a growing community.

This system is designed with two ideas in mind:
∙ to make it easy for students to locate a class on a subject of interest
∙ to make it easy for teachers to host a class and get the word out to those who may be interested in attending"

What will we be doing on Builder's Refuge?
Promoting our server on their discord: more on that soon on how we will do that. Then we will also be going over on their server to do speedbuilds with our top builders: We will probably invite you and make some great showcases.

What will we be doing with Builder's Academy?
Staff will be able to sign-up as teachers on their website under one banner of MCME Instructors. These teachers will make tutorial videos on many different aspects of Minecraft such as: Architectual Styles, Middle Earth Styles, Plug-in tricks, RP tricks, Terrain, etc, etc. These videos will be going on a new MCME Instructors YouTube channel and also showcased on Builder's Academy. The YouTube channel will be linked of course to the official MCME channel.

I think that is all you need to know. Good luck everyone and hope you are ready for change ;)


Oh nice, Builder’s Refuge, I remember watching a couple of videos Keralis made there.
This one was really nice.
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@BWOT is perhaps the best thing that has happened to this server in a while. We'll just have to wait and see where it goes.
Em im the, best thing that has happened I am the voice of the voiceless no matter the cost