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Server Perks are back!


Eru Iluvatar
Staff member
Eriol rewrote the plugin from scratch so that it now supports more options. Whenever someone reaches a certain limit on the donations, you will automatically receive a corresponding perk in-game.

More information about donation rewards can be found at Donation rewards | Minecraft Middle Earth

Perks are a way to say thank you for those who chose to support the server financially, people who've donated in the past will regain their previous perks.

If there are any issues regarding the perks you might not have received, or a payment that is not registered. You can either contact me or drop a message me personally on Discord or the forums, or post at the Get Help forum.

You can get: Horses in all kinds of colors, animation perks, a flying magic orb that will light up the area around you, the elytra, and more to come!

Technical explanation how this works:

The game server will periodically probe the website to get information. This means that people who donated and who are not anonymous, will be recorded by the game server. With this, the build server will determine if you meet the limit or not.
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