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Canceled Sherbersh_Lemel UNLIMITED WORLD EDIT


Starting Adventurer
Badge requirements:
  • Be at least Artist or Guide ―NO
  • Have an adequate amount of experience in FAWE ― Check
  • Is responsible and mature enough to use the tool in an effective manner ― Check
  • When did you join?
  • What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank?
I am the default rank, adventurer. Ive just had it for today.

  • How experienced are you in FAWE?
im well practiced in the basics, although its been 3 years since ive used world edit. But i remember how to use the //wand, and commands off the top of my head such as //br //stack //copy //paste //rotate //flip //replace //set and i have small knowledge of the various masks which allow for more specific details like -a the removal of air blocks.
  • Will you need instruction in using WE once you acquire the badge?
if there are any plugin specific commands in symbiosis with world edit, ill probably want to know those. as for the editing commands themselves i wont need help with those. and i should get back in to the rhythm of things quickly.

  • Why do you need this badge?
I am particularly interested in building castles for the map, of all shapes and sizes. that includes detailed interiors. however i might struggle at including any lore specific details without direct instruction to do that. my only experience with lotr is from the movies, so obviously there is a lot i dont know about it. But i shouldnt have a problem building from images, schematics and other kinds of resources.
  • What to you is a responsible and mature player?
I would say a responsible player is someone whos able to use their tools properly and is able to clear up any mistakes quickly and to not interfere in other peoples space if they can help it. on top of that, not using any of the benefits included in the rank for my own personal gain, but more for the betterment of the server and towards any certain build goals. Maturity involves handling any kind of challenge or trouble in an appropriate, impartial manner. As well as being generally respectful and mindful towards other members at all times.

  • Portfolio
You can look at my pmc portfolio: The Forbidden Kingdom Minecraft Project
this is from a while ago. A period of time in which i admined (not hosted) a simple survival server and would spend time building monuments, castles, cities, and other kinds of attractions to maintain the servers aesthetic and popularity. it shutdown in 2015, since then ive been making mods for steam workshop. but that isnt minecraft related so i wont talk about that.

Im aware its dangerous to be upgrading people who are new and unproven. But i am interested in getting to work on something now, and i very much struggle to build in minecraft without world edit. (its spoiled me) as that is the tool i had used for so many years.


Media Team
Badge requirements:
  • Be at least Artist or Guide ―NO
This is a requirement, not a question. I suggest that you start building smaller houses first, to get the detailing of our styles right (what kind of roof overhangs we usually have, how much depth we use, how our arches are shaped). If there is a large theme build, you can always ask a designer or an artist/foreman with a WE badge to perform an edit for you.
I would suggest applying after you've held the artist (or guide) rank for quite a while (some months), before you apply, but officially you can apply right after you've been promoted to artist.


Starting Adventurer
sorry, i dont have time for this 2 month process. i was simply looking to get to work immediately with WE. but as that isnt how your system works i can not be of help to you. goodluck on your endgoal, and finishing mordor. the work produced so far is very impressive.