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Shifty Update!


Starting Adventurer
Hey lovely lads and ladies!

Don't be afraid, I'm not typing from heaven or hell right now, I'm not dead. I'm actually typing from Durban, South Africa! As I told most of you, I started my Master program at uni from September onwards, and chose to focus on it 24/7, as it only is one year, a lot of work and an important step in my life. I'm now doing my internship and will be done during summer time. I told Ryan I was going to be inactive, but said to him I'd gladly resume my admin position after that :)

So, don't worry, I didn't leave, I'm just out of office at the moment. How is my lovely MCME community doing? Busy with 2.0 I presume, and with Gondor I hope :D The site looks funky fresh, I like it a lot! I'll be occasionally posting from now on, discontinuing my silent status. Please don't hesitate to give me an update and MCME love overload :p



Hardcore MCME-er
What?! Durban? You could have told us ;-)
Gondor is going well and by the time you're back, the white city will stand proud amongst the fields. I also established my kebab place there and i'm thinking of franchising. Hope you'll get on teamspeak again and hop on to see pellennor fields!
Good luck with the master!


Yellow Flower Puncher
God damnit Shifty, ever sence you left I haven't had anyone to talk to about what would happen if a hamster and a cow had a baby! (or any of the random usless shit we usually talked about :D)


Dirt Conaisseur
Shifty! Maaan, I was wondering where you were! Good to hear from you and I hope you're having fun there. I'm sure everyone will welcome you back with open arms! I also hope that you will still want to help on that project me and @JordD04 were working on. Take care!

still, get your sexy ass back here as soon as you can :p