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Short Story Contest


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@Tyrhanystrasz is organizing a short story contest. You can win a Steam, Origin or Riot Gift Card valued at 10 EUR. The three best stories will be featured in The MCME Times. If you are interested, keep on reading!

Short Story Contest

This contest is a short story contest based on Arda. I know there are some people here who love to write stories related to Tolkien's world and i hope many will partecipate in this contest.

  1. The story must send before 23:59 GMT+1 (Paris/Rome/Berlin) 29/03/2015
  2. The story must be sent by E-Mail to jcwtyranystrasz@gmail.com in word or open office format with your name (the name that you have in the forum).
  3. The short story must be related to Tolkien's world Arda.
  4. The story must be in English, but we won't judge your English if you speak in another language, if the story is not understandable we'll ask you write it again.
  5. Maximum 30 000 characters. You will lose 5 points for every 250 letters you exceed.

The point rating system is as follows:
  • 75 points for the story.
  • 15 points for the lore.
  • 10 points for following the rules.

Your story will be read and rated by a jury of four people. Every member of the jury will rate your story for the three criteria (story, lore and following the rules). When every member has decided on their points, the average between these members will be your final score.

You can read within any timefrime, first, second, third or fourth Age.
The story must fit within the lore. However you don't have to be a lore guru, we expect you to not make mistakes such as "Gandalf was Melkor in disguise" or "Aragorn was an Uruk". You need to respect the already established lore.
You can write about any subject: wars, adventures, politics, humor, romance, ... However try to refrain from writing adult content as this is still an all ages community.


First place:
The winner will be rewarded with a Steam, Origin or Riot gift card of 10€
Story will be on the MCME times
Will become a downloadable story.

Second place:
Story will be on the MCME times

Third Place:
Story will be on the MCME times


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With spaces, it should be around 10 pages, btw yes you can send me in google doc if you can't in word/office @Epic_Dovakiin, @JordD04 we don't want a story focused just on lore (mainly for disguises, interpretation of the lore and not everyone is a lore master).
If you need more informations just pm me


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"In a hole in the ground there lived a Badger. Not lovely, warm, dry hole filled with rugs and furniture, nor yet a clean, decorated, soft hole with lots to sit down on or to eat; it was a badger-hole, and that means dirt."


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Does anyone have a degree in English literature becasue i want you to write my story and add some poems in