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Sick of it...


Builds diagonally
As some of you may know from previous posts of mine, I am, stuck in the oldworld. Many of you said to get on when a staff member is on and ask them to teleport me to Bag End.

Any time that I manage to get on the server with a staff member online, I proceed to get ignored by the staff. After I get ignored I either leave or the staff member leaves.

Thanks for the support down below.
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hon. Head Designer
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I am incredibly sorry to hear that! Please excuse, staff are often really busy (or afk :p) When are you usually online? I'm rather flexible tomorrow,so if we can agree on a time we can quickly fix that.

Again, please forgive, we're all only human :)


Head Developer
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Head Developer
I'm really sorry, too.

But I thought your problem was solved as our didn't reply again to the other thread. There you wrote that you need Australia time. I have time tomorrow 9 a.m to 11 a.m East Australia Time (Sidney, UTC+11) which is late in the evening today for me. West Australia (Perth) would be three hours earlier probably (6 a.m to 8 am). I will not be online or listening all the time during that period. But you can post here a time to meet in that period of time and I will be there.
If you are reading this soon I will be available now for about 3,5 hours, too. Just post a time to meet (but do it half an hour in advance, I'm not checking the forum all the time).

Maybe you want to join teamspeak (voice chat program like Skype) and poke @Eaglz24 who is living in New Zealand. >>How to install teamspeak<<