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Sign broken on FB spawn

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Just when I logged into Freebuild, my trackpad decided to go nuts and as I entered the world I heard a terrifying breaking sound and I hit at least one sign. "Nothing to worry about," I though, "I don't have perms to break anything in spawn anyways". To my dismay the sign was still gone, even when I relogged. So I asked Ryan for help, and he told me to ask a bounder. Unfortunately no bounders were on, not on build either, so I decided to create this thread.

My theory is that somehow everyone's got full creative in the spawn world, since I'm able to fly there, which I couldn´t before. I also tested this with others. At least the sign needs replacement, and I have no idea what it said. (Hawkeye?)

I'm buying a mouse.


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Used CoreProtect and it did not show any signs broken by you. Also, I discovered that the Freebuild spawn is WorldGuarded, so there's no way you broke something. Resolved.
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