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Silmarillion Primer Audiobook


Dirt Conaisseur
Announcing... The Silmarillion Primer Audiobook!

Some people on the server (who shall remain nameless) have refused to read The Silmarillion because it is too daunting, too boring, or too wordy. Some have slogged through it but not really enjoyed it. There are also nerds out there (myself included) who have read it and relished it and would love to dig deeper. If you fit any of those categories, then this is for you!

Every Sunday at 1:00 pm EST starting in 2 days I will be reading an installment of the Silmarillion Primer by Jeff LaSala. If you haven't heard of this, it is a series published on tor.com that covers the story of The Silmarillion in full detail, but in a fun and exciting way. Also, you will probably find The Silmarillion a lot easier to read afterwards.

I hope to see you all there!