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Accepted simonhornay's Artist Application


Yellow Flower Puncher
Hi everyone ! My name is Simonhornay (the best username you have never seen) and I'm glad to present you my application for artist !

When ?

I joined Mcme in September 2015 when I was searching some lord of the rings server. I was very happy when I found it and I would like to help the server now.

Jobs and other things :

I did some jobs in Belfalas (the north river next to Dol Amroth, Methrast) but my favourite jobs are in Moria where I did a lot : Ruining chamber of light, ruining King's way and ruining some other halls. I just would like to say I love new Moria ! I like so much its details and its incredible size ! I would like to switch from 5 % to 95 % of progress there !

My screenshots :

Here are some screenshots of some builds I'm doing on other servers :

Themed-build :

I did many themed-builds :

Durin's tower

Chamber of Mazarbul


Interests :
Well, I have a lot of interests. I am a HUGE fan of Tolkien's book and I've read all of them. But I prefer building dwarven style. I am simply impressed by the buildings of the dwarfs and the complexity of Moria.
Before Mcme, I was building some lord of the rings constructions. I built my own Barad-Dur and Middle earth 3D map !
My motivations :
I just want to help Mcme as much as I can. I absolutely love this project and I would like to pay tribute to Tolkien. His books mustn't be forgotten and Mcme helps for that. Be an artist will help me to move forward the project as much as possible to offer the world this amazing vision of Tolkien's world ! I like the complexity of things...


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Hey and thanks for your application!

I decided to accept your application right away, congratulations!
The Durins Tower build looks very nice, very on-point interpretation of the movie version! One can clearly see that you've put a lot of time into detailing the terrain, such persistance is something very useful for an Artist these days!
The Chamber of Mazarbul looks exactly like any other hall in new Moria, quality-wise. If you would not have written that it was a TB I would have thought the screens were taken in new Moria!
On your Bagend I once again see the amount of work you put into nice terrain; not vital for Artists, but definitely a big plus! The interior is also very good, and you seem to be very innovative in some points (--> Table with anvils and carpets)! The only critique there is the many small random carpets you placed on the floor. I would only make larger and distinctly shaped and placed carpets in a tidy hobbit hole.

Again, congratulations, and don't forget to check out the Artist manual before you start working in Purple!
Artist Manual