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Since others do it why not me?

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Well yata yata yata, I leave MCME
yata yata yata, got banned for a good reason
yata yata yata, then ban got extended for no reason
yata yata yata, cya boiz.
Enforcers reaction to my ban appeal
I am denying your ban appeal at this time on the grounds of this is not the first time and the Enforcer team as a whole has been very lenient with you letting you slide by with just warnings and short demotion. The MCME Community is expected to be a professional and Family Friendly group and as such has strict rules on chat infractions. Your actions have proved that you will not maintain a professional attitude and will take it out on other members of the community instead which i will not allow as i have proved with others members of the community.

I will happily reevaluate your ban appeal in December. I know that is a long time, but change does not happen quickly. I hope to see you back in December.


Hello Nic, I'll reiterate what I said in Steam chat.

You were banned for what I believe (and I think you agree) are good reasons. Regardless of any extenuating circumstances lashing out on our server by insulting other community members and griefing isn't acceptable, and you were banned for it. This ban was not temporary, but not permanent either. This ofcourse means you can try to appeal it, which you did not too long after the ban was administered.

When you submitted your appeal we felt that the reasons you were banned for were valid and serious enough not to simply wave them and unban you just over a week after you were banned. On those grounds the appeal was denied and the ban was maintained, not extended. I understand you made a mistake and regret your actions, but that does not negate them.

If in the future you change your mind and decide to try to have your ban appealed I will look at it and consider it with sincerity and I'm sure the other Enforcers will too. It just can't be so soon after the ban.

All the best,

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