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SmartScout (Reapp)


Builds trees by hand
So, I know my previous application from a year ago didn't work out due to me not being able to line up a trial tour date due to my hectic schedule. But now that it is summer vacation I should be able to attend one more easily and hope to be more active through the summer and in the future. I want to get back into the server and still love the idea of the position, so, here's the app.

Minecraft Username : SmartScout
Date Joined : 09 July, 2014
What country are from / What time do you usually play online: USA, but I can be on from 11 am EST to 3pm EST or so during the summer and on weekends and 10 PM EST to midnight or 2 am EST most of the year, along with after school (If any different than the latter time range) from whenever I finish (early as 1PM, late as 3PM) to around 4 PM. I could be on more or less, depending on what time I have.
Are you regularly logged on Teamspeak?
Yes, often if I am on
Do you talk on Teamspeak? Yes
What makes a great Guide according to you? The primary jobs of a guide is to invite new players, help out any player with tech support, lore, and server info, and to give tours of the server's amazing builds. I beleive I am up to the task as I can be friendly and inviting to new players, and always say hello when someone comes on. I can and will monitor the forums for questions and help answer them if I can, along with answering questions people have on ther server. Finally, I have a decent knowledge of LOTR lore, having read the 4 core books (Hobbit and LOTR Trilogy), heard plenty of info from the Silmarillion (I will read it soon myself), watched all 6 movies, and have a fairly good working knowledge of the lore that I could use. Also, about a year ago I gave several unofficial Eriador Tours from Bag End to Weathertop/Rivendell by the route of the ringbearer, and I am still fairly familiar with the route. I think that the things most important to a good guide are manners, knowledge of basic technical problems in Minecraft, and knowledge of Tolkein's works, and I believe I can fulfill all those things. I hope to hear back soon, thank you for your time.


Thank you for your application

During your application you may be contacted to demonstrate a Trial Server tour where you will be provided with a location (Prior notice will be given to you to prepare for the tour through a PM). The tour will be appraised based on your ability to conduct yourself with a group of people, how you articulate the information of the location, your communication skills as well as organisation. Note: You must be using a Microphone to conduct the tour

Please note that not everyone will be asked to conduct a trial tour but an application may still be considered.

Each applicant will be evaluated on their merits and their overall character as individual within the Community.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your application, please do not hesitate to personal message me, DarthRagnar or one of the current guides. Lady_of_Rohan (currently known as Lady_of_Harambe), DarthRagnar, or Artale. Good luck with your application.

Dyno (Head Enforcer & Head Guide)