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Snow covered stone


Eru Iluvatar
Staff member
I think the snow blocks make it look a little off, I'm sure it will look better if you add some variation into it with layered snow?


Experienced Member
I think it would look better if it wasnt In the stone, however the stone has curves so that it doesnt look flat.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
The problem much rather is that between every two kinds of blocks you have a clear straight division line between texture, and only snow<->stone transition being different makes it look off, other thing is that most textures are pretty plain and uniform and only that block has a more detailed texture. Lastly I anyway plan on using multiple stone textures (atm planned is 3) so it would not work anymore with all of those.
Dont get me wrong kisk, I do not dont want to use it for any other reason than those stated above, even if I would like to use it just to honor your work which I really appreciate.


Hardcore MCME-er
Perhaps instead of a texture that has this specific use you could create a snowy/rock that doesn't necessarily join up with the top as snow and the bottom as rock?