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Some maps


Media Team
Hey, I am gonna make some maps :/

I'm just gonna make a screenshot of the dynamic map and edit the screenshot with pixlr.com. I already did one map of Rohan, which I am going to expand:


Hardcore MCME-er
You could use the Journeymap mod to take the screenshots as well. It looks quite a bit better, and it applies your resource pack to the map (which allows maps of places like Minas Tirith). I believe that's what @Finrod_Amandil uses to make his maps.


Experienced Member
This thread is called "some maps" for a reason, so Pieter, I am putting in a map request. Go to the Tower of Ecthellion TB, turn left coming from the current /theme warp, and down a little bit on the right hand side is mine, with a few MCME city maps created using Minecraft maps and item frames. Take a screenshot of whatever one you want, however many or few you want, and basically point out all the important locations in each city like you did with fennas.

Only if you want to


Experienced Member
Make a bigger Arnor, to me, thats not enough of an Arnor. And be sure to include the borders of Arthedain, Cardolan, and Rhudaur, cause I always forget where they are.