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Some Showcases


I dont know how many know, but ive been making Cinematic Videos of the server for quite some time, with some even landed on out yt page. But as i said, over time, i made quite a few of them. Which i wanted to share with you now.

Imloth Melui:
Hope you enjoy them, and Feedback is always appreciated!



Over the last year and more some more showcases were made which im gonna link here now.

Cair Andros. Not the best i would say tho:
Cair Andros

The Moria Trailer:
Moria Trailer

A MCME trailer, thx Arkengard for the voice:
MCME Trailer

Pelargir Showcase (on official yt), a friend of mine made the music for that one.
Pelargir Showcase

Paths of the Dead (on official yt):
Paths of the Dead Showcase

It's been 5 years (on official yt), a video to celebrate last years Anniversary
It's been 5 Years

Note that i made not every aspect of those videos, the music is mostly royalty free. All of the Cinematic Shots and Editing is done by me thought.
More to come soon! (anfalas showcase duh)