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Soundpack not working?


Manual Treebuilder
Ok, so I got tired of listening to the sounds of silence while playing Minecraft and decided to download the Soundpack. I got on here, downloaded 1.1, moved it to my resource packs folder and restarted Minecraft. I then proceeded to turn off all sound except my music and master volume. I went to the resource packs area and moved it to the right hand collumn, turning it on just like any Resource Pack. I then went back to the game and kept playing, until I noticed something. My game was still playing normal Minecraft music! I proceeded to ask around the server for help, and people helped me as best they could, but nothing worked. It's still playing the normal music, not the music it should be. Can someone who has the Soundpack or knows how to, help me? Thank you so much, it really is appreciated. I'll cya'll!


Hardcore MCME-er
I'm not sure ( someone please correct me) but I'm pretty sure all the music and other sounds are under the other sound option, so you could trying turning on the game sound and music


Hardcore MCME-er
The soundpack doesn't replace all minecraft music, there are still normal music in there, mixed with Lotr music. I think there's about 4 custom Lotr songs


Hardcore MCME-er
I think I remember seeing something about newer resource pack updates supporting per-location music, so would it be theoretically possible to replicate the functions of the MatmosMCME mod using a sound pack?


Hardcore MCME-er
Soundpack never seems to work for me either. However, since most people have used it I guess it works sometimes. Good luck with figuring it out,