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Southern Beacons?


Aspiring Member
Will we be building the southern warning beacons? They are supposed to go to Belfalas, and since we made the northern ones go all the way to Edoras, it would be good to have the southern ones go all the way to Dol Amroth. I just thought I'd ask because of the work starting in the area.

“…The Lord of the City had beacons built on the tops of outlying hills along both borders of the great range, and maintained posts on these points where fresh horses were always in readiness to bear his errand-riders to Rohan in the North, or to Belfalas in the South.” — Gandalf to Pippin


Experienced Member
If you read it well, it's written that fresh horses are kept there to go to Rohan or to Belfalas. So no beacons there


Hardcore MCME-er
The horses are situated at the border of the kingdom to go to edoras or belfalas.
Good eye for that, but since we're just starting on the southern parts I think we have had time to plan for terrain or beacons. I'll keep it in mind!