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Canceled Special Aupps Application for Artist

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Aspiring Commoner
Im special Aupps and I have been playing minecraft for about 10 years and I started out with survival and then I moved on to creative and since then I have been building Medieval things based off of elder scrolls and lotr and I am realy happy that I found this server and I would like to help with building the world of middle earth

well I first joined arda craft then they decided to ban me for no reason probably because I joined their forms 2 to 3 months before Christmas when I got my new computer so I could join them without lagging out every sec then they told me to come here and so I decided to join you guys

I am usually on every day unless I have school work or something else that I have to do

Date Joined
Jan 12 or 11th
  • Jobs a dwarven guard house in moria with Thomas18 and I did some vines in Ironmere with darki and I did hedges with wraith knight
  • Screenshots single player
  • mages grove village.jpg
  • Frost helm.jpg Castle 1.jpg
  • Billbos B day theme build Im not great with hobbit though but i can build it
  • 2018-01-17_16.30.37.png
  • Your interests: I like doing gondoren ,Rohan, and Ruins
  • Your motivation: I love this server and it looks great and I also love lotr and the hobbit I saw all the movies 5 times and read the books once and I would really enjoy seeing middle earth in minecraft
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Hardcore MCME-er
hey Aupps, I'm glad to see your interest in the artist rank. However, maybe you could show some pictures of your jobs and complete or do more of a themebuild, we (mainly meaning the designers) need to be able to see how you work with the custom server resource packs as that is what you would be using as an artist.
Second, I think you should participate in some more jobs so the designers and foremen can get to know you better and how you build, commoner would also be a huge boost to your application.
My main advice is to try using more of the server rp's and participating in more theme builds to show of your skills, I would know from past experience that theme builds really help your application. Also, please update with more screenshots so we can look at your builds in more detail.
From what I can see with your builds at the moment they seem quite boxy, and could do with some more detailing, another thing I would suggest is to look around our incredible map (yes I realise that sounds biased but in my opinion the map is truly incredible!) you can see the detail put into even the smallest of builds.
Good luck on your artist application and I hope to see further updates :)
- super


Manual Treebuilder
Thank you for your application! You seem very active and always eager to help out, which is already a good thing. Helping other players and participating in jobs/themed builds are the way to go. So without further ado, let's take a look at your screenshots. Now try to upload more screenshots as you progress to your way to artist. Only 4 screenshots at the moment which is not a bad thing but that means we can't give much feedback on your builds. Also do take screenshots of your interiors so we can take a look at them and give feedback on your interior builds like your exterior builds. So just update your application once a while with new builds.

First Screenshot: In the first screenshot it appears to be a small town/village. The houses have different sizes and they have the same style which is good, there are roads going through the village and looks like it has a small market area in the middle plus some small docks at the river. I'd say that is a good formed village, the only thing that is missing in the village are the finishing touches and that is adding vegetation in the town and around the town. Such as tree's, fields, farms, plants, maybe even a small river. Just by adding the smallest detail can make your build so much more interesting and better. So those were all the main points but i'd like to go a little bit more in depth of the build itself.

  • Houses: All the houses share the same style which is good and they are well constructed, but they lack detail and depth. They are too plain and flat so try to give them more depth and detail for expample building the wall inwards instead of having it even with the logs. Or moving the upper part of the houses outwards. Also by adding stairs or more windows already give the build more depth and detail. So try to remember these points when building houses also I'd like to see some interior screenshots of your builds.
  • Roads: Try to avoid having too straight roads in villages, rather than making them straight try to curve them and add bends in the road so it looks more natural. And give it some more detail by adding in other blocks instead of only stone. (e.g dirt, gravel, cobblestone,...)
Second Screenshot: Not much to add other than all the poinst for the first screenshot, it just lacks depth and detail so I'd like some more screenshots of that build. I can see you build some ships which are always nice, only they need bigger sails and ofcourse more detail.

Third Screenshot: That's more like it, I love the design and it looks well fortified, what a castle/stronghold should be. Just try to give it a little bit more detail in the walls/road and by adding some more defenses/fortifications.

Fourth Screenshot (Themed-Build): So I had a in-depth look at your themed build and obviously it is not completely finished but still I'd like to give you some points and feedback. But for next time, try to finish your themed build so we can give more feedback on it.
  • River: The first thing I noticed is that you made a river which is always nice but try to make it more curved. It is too diagonal or straight and it makes it look jagged. So try to give it more curves/bends. Same thing goes for the roads.
  • Trees: Nice to see that you made hand made trees instead of putting a sapling down and bonemealing it. The shape of the trees are too diagonal and they look like a triangle. Try to make it more round and hollow. Ofcourse this depends on what kind of tree you are making but if you are making a regular oak tree they should be more round at the top and hollow.
  • Tents: The tent with the green and blue wool looks good, it has a good schape and nice detail, only thing is the arch needs to a better shape. The shape of the two other tents are too square or rectangular. Try to avoid sharp corners in tents and make them more smooth and curved.
  • Hobbit holes: The terrain of the hobbit holes are also too sharp and bulky, try to smooth them out and make them less sharp. The door in the hobbit holes are not bad only it needs a better arch at the top of it, like the green and blue tent. For the rest of the exterior add some vegetation/windows or even a chimney. I can't say much for the interior since it's quite incomplete but I like that you added a cellar and divided the rooms. I'd like to see some more interior screenshots in the future.

So these were all my poinst for you, I hope you learned a thing or two and keep up with your artist application by adding more screenshots and updates. Good luck and keep it up!



Builds Diagonally
Euuuhmm @SpecialAupps, you need to make some screenshots of your builds, not the ones that are already made on the server a time ago..

But I like the screenshot of Minas Tirith! :D
Oh, and you can put screenshots (if you want to make them) in the media section.
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Hardcore MCME-er
This application has been denied due to no update or improvement to what was previously said by one of our designers. Please contact me directly if you feel you want to pursue this again.
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