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Speciality and skill tags idea

What do you think of Tag's

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    Votes: 1 4.2%
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    Votes: 5 20.8%
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    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • indifferent

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  • too complicated

    Votes: 9 37.5%
  • not necessary

    Votes: 6 25.0%

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Ok so I mentioned this on the poll about rank merges. but I thought I'd dedicate a thread to this idea. I don't know much about plugins or whether what I'm about to suggest is feasible in minecraft, but I would like your opinions on it.

so here goes.

Build Skill Tags: (not too be confused with ranks) (a member can only have one of these tags at a single moment in time)

This idea stems from the fact that not everyone can be amazing at building. some are okay some are good.
most people want to help build and sometimes job's aren't always running.
so I was thinking much like a rank you have build skill tags. which allow certain privileges

These people with this tag cannot build at all unless supervised by a member of staff

Okay builder: These people cannont build unless supervised but can be trusted for fixes etc without supervison, but must first ask a staff member if they are allowed. (Must have been an active member for at least 3 months)

Good builder: These people can fix and be trusted to build simple things such as roads without being supervised, but like an okay builder must ask a staff member for permission first. (Must have been an active member for at least 6 months)

(The reason I believe you would have to have been a member for a certain amount of time to gain a tag is because the longer you have been a member the less likely you are to grief)

Exceptional builder: This tag is awarded to Artists

Speciality Skill Tags: (a member can have as many of these as there are tags)

This is idea stems from the fact that some people are better at other aspects of building than others.

so here are a few that I thought up.

Terrain: These people are skilled at sculpting terrain, whether it's caves, rivers etc

Trees: These people are skilled at building realistic looking non-generic looking trees.

Roads: These people can build roads just how staff like em.

Statue: These people are skilled statue builders, and can make realistic statues

Gondor: These people are skilled in the Gondorian architecture, whether it's a house, wall fortress etc

Rohan: These people are skilled in the Rohan way of building

Enemy/Mordor: These people are skilled at building in evil architecture

Hobbit: These people can build in the hobbit/ rural style

Elven: These people are good at building in an elven style

Arnor: These people are skilled in Anorian architecture

Dwarven: These people can build Dwarven architecture

Ruins: These people are good at ruins and ruining building.

Interior: These people are skilled in the art of Feng Shui

These are all the ones i could think of. some maybe too trivial or merged together.

The way I see it, members can apply for various tags just like they do ranks. with a staff member overseeing them. once a a tag app has been accepted. it appears by there name on the servers. and also as a hidden rank or tag on the server. this would allow a staff member to create a job with certain requirements such as build skill and specialities. post a notification on the forums. people with the required tags, can join the job be told what to do, by a staff member, once they understand they are given build privileges and can build in the areas marked out. this would mean that a staff can start a job accept people into it once they understand what needs to be done. and if the staff member goes offline. the people on the job can still build unsupervised. until the job is finished. (but to make things clear specialities are judged just as vigorously as artist ranks, but don't have to proficient in most things like artists do.

Again I don't know if this is feasible to do as a plugin or on the forums. bit it is just an idea.
so give me your opinions and your own ideas tag ideas etc, and improve it.

I believe this idea could help maximise efficiency on the server. as lets be honest there's miles of roads and paths that need building and people who want to help can show commitment by gaining the tags necessary to build the roads unsupervised (will still have to checked once finished of course) (this is just one way I think this idea can be helpful).

so that's enough from me. what do you think

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maybe q could give privileges to staff to give out these tags, but reserve the ones currently used to only him. like I said I don't know how the forums or plugins work. but I used to have an enjin website and I could delegate forum privileges to certain people like, tag giving etc


Hardcore MCME-er
Too much. Always follow the law of K.I.S.S.
"Keep It Simple Stupid"
Point of the merges was to clean up the clutter of pointless ranks and duties, this would just shoot that to shit.
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true there are a lot of stuff to do. if this idea was ever taken seriously. it's just that there are some jobs out there that don't really require that much skill to do. such as simple fixes and road building. that people could easily do if there trusted, which would minimise some of the work staff have to do, if they can trust an active group of players to do some road building, and fixes without supervision, that could eb available for them to do. all the time

just to clarify I don't mean just let lose some people that have been members for a few months on the roads and such, they would still have to be well trusted people that they know, would never abuse the fact there allowed to build in some areas
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this could be done but would kinda bottle neck the workflow, imo we need more fluffy ranks that have little meaning, also adding perms is super easy :p


Hardcore MCME-er
I really like the the first suggestion with the different levels of builder, but in my opinion, the "specialties" are definately overkill and would get confusing.
Most people who are good at one style of building will be good at another, same goes for poor builders.


Hardcore MCME-er
I really like the the first suggestion with the different levels of builder, but in my opinion, the "specialties" are definately overkill and would get confusing.
Most people who are good at one style of building will be good at another, same goes for poor builders.
Ranking builders like that would be rather demeaning in my opinion, and quite un-necessary. People are fully capable of getting to know people and silently make their own judgement of their building capabilities themselves.


Experienced Member
i admit i was hesitant to put that tag. but tbh it's quite an irrelevent one. instead of bad builder. just use the thrall tag. suppose that could work


Hardcore MCME-er
Yeah having a forum tag saying someone is horrible at building is just insulting.
Well, Id disagree with that one for sure, but I like the idea of having something to bridge the gap to artist because right now the jump

Is too damn high


Hardcore MCME-er
Frankly, I don't think this is a very good idea. We just merged the staff ranks to simplify, and now you want to split everyone up again? I mean, this server prides itself on exceptional building. I'm against the whole "specialty" thing, but having "okay builder" and "good builder" is fine with me, except for one thing. That they have to be an active member for 3 or 6 months. Also, the "okay" and "good" things shouldn't be public, it should just be for staff members who do a lot of jobs, so they could let people in and have the "good" builders to the harder work, and the "okay" builders to the kinda-hard work, and...you want to add thrall back in???


Experienced Member
okay well thanks for the feedback guys. most of you think it's too complicated, and just unnecessary, so it looks like the bulk of the idea is out.
but I do like the idea that hidden tag is applied to members on there build level, that only staff can see. and maybe they could start a job that only people with that hidden skill tag can see active.


Staff member
This thread makes me cringe. By adding these rank you will create enormous bias towards players.
If you can build decent and you are "oke" to work with you get artist. If you excel at building and/or show great people skills you get a build mod staff rank. Any ranks in between or tags would be obsolete and some are even offensive. Some people are better at certain styles then others but there should be no need to give them a tag.
MCME is not a boy scout organisation where we collect badges for merits we did or style's we are good at.

Don't take this wrong but this would be the opposite of what we are trying to achieve with simplifying the ranks.


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i'm not taking any offence at the comments on this thread. it was an idea nothing more. if people think it is a bad one, then it is simply a bad one,and I have misjudged the concept completely. and probably executed it poorly anyway. I'm more of a maths man, English is definitly not my strongpoint.