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Hardcore MCME-er
Minecraft Username: speeder45

Date Joined: 12 February, 2012

Are you regularly logged into teamspeak: Yes

Do you talk on teamspeak: Yes

What makes a great Ranger:

Generally speaking, Rangers are some of the first people meet when joining the server for the first time, and it is the Ranger's responsibility to create a warm and friendly welcome to any player, new or old to the server. Being able to treat all players, no matter what personal feelings may dictate, with respect and an eagerness to help any player that might have a question on a wide array of questions. Therefore, a Ranger must be friendly, knowledgeable, respectful, and responsible. What makes a Ranger great isn't the number of tours one does, or how much lore they know off the top of their heads, rather a great Ranger looks for opportunities to help other players, or show a new player around, or look up any information a player might want to know. While it is important to be available to tour, quantity does not mean quality, and so it is the attention to details that makes Rangers wonderful. Being able to spend quality time with one, two, or a handful of new players who are interested in what this server has done is what separates Rangers from other players. While some might measure a Ranger by how long his tours are, or how many tours he's done, but I'm my eyes, a great Ranger is one who makes a positive impact on players, the server, and the community. It is the friendly, knowledgable Rangers that set the example for all players, veterans or new enlistees, to strive for. It is their unique relationship with other players that sets them aside, which is why I would like to join such a cause, with its open and constant connection to the members of this community, it provides a great responsibility and duty for Rangers to maintain a constant uplifting spirit on the server.
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