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Staff applications?


Starting Adventurer
Hi there,

My name is Molly. I'm new to this community, and I have a few questions.
First of all, just wondering if you [staff] are looking for recruits? I have 2 years experience working on a Minecraft server [PrimeGames] as trainee>Moderator>Admin>Senior Admin>Commander of Staff>WebsiteAdmin>Builder>and close to Chief, before my resignation 6 months ago.
I have high experience in working with communities, staff and Minecraft. Was in marketplace for a short while before University became a distraction as well as personal life.
But now i'm ready to give it another go.
My second question is if there is a discord for this server? If not, that might come in handy.
If you could email me back that would be great.

Thank you so much,
- Molly


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Welcome to MCME @mollyoom101!
We are building Middle-earth together and try to involve as many people as possible. So I'm happy you want to help.
The common way to start getting involved are Artist or Guide role. Staff positions (usually) require to achieve one of these roles first.
For more information or just a good talk you are very welcome to Join the mcmiddleearth Discord Server!

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