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Staff help requested


Starting Adventurer
I'm taking a shot at the massive dwarf statue covering the secret entrance to Erebor.

I would do the entire thing myself if i could, but i really need the tools to place chunks in order to build the terrain.
Iv'e had Ivan help a bit with the start of the mountain on the left and it helped a lot - so i was wondering whether there are any staff members willing to help me out on this?

Even helping out just 5-10 min is overwhelmingly helpful.



Hardcore MCME-er
I'm just making a reply that I've seen this post and I don't want to help out with terraforming major terrain features on freebuild. For me, it takes to much time to do and it is time I rather spend on doing jobs on main and helping out on the main map.
Sorry bro, maybe someone else might want to help you.


Experienced Member
Part of Freebuild is working hard to prove your dedication to a project. I understand like this it's for (shameful non-canon) fun, but see it as a challenge of patience if no one can find the time to help you out. You could also try get some non-admins to help, many enjoy just doing busy work strangely enough (just look at the river excavation projects)