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Canceled stephen761's Artist Application

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Artists Application: of stephen761
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  • Jobs and Plotbuilds:
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Date: Start April 18th.2018

Themed- build: The Foresaken Inn:

Additional builds:

To photos of a build I did on another server:
Hagia Sophia 1.jpg

Hagia Sophia 2..jpg

I have been a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien since I first read the “Hobbit” back in the 1970’s. Upon ending that read I had to find more and read “Lord of the Rings” and often fantasized about living in that world. Many decades past I had Become a Monk of the Episcopal Church and one of my younger religious siblings showed me “Minecraft” instantly I thought Minecraft would be the perfect venue to recreate Tolkien’s Middle Earth. I have played on a few servers the latest being Adultcraft having tired of the “screwing around” kids do on a few of the servers I have been on Adultcraft for a few
years. I still will be involved with them as much as I can, but I ran into a video during the Weekend of April 15th. “Minecraft – Lord Of The Rings! (Middle-Earth Server)” by Keralis. I fell instantly in love. On the 18th I joined the server and I am itching to do what I can.

As now a Disabled retired Monk I have been looking for something in my limited capacity to keep my mind occupied and active. I love the Tolkien mythology and stories, I have begged the owner of as I do not poses the technical expertise or the funds to run a server of my own. So here I am hoping to join your server and help create.


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Hey stephen, thank you for your application!

Sorry for my late response, I've been very busy with real live.
That cathedral is very impressive, did you build it all by hand or with plugin support like WorldEdit? The fresco is dome is awesome. Some walls look a bit flat from our point of view but that's because of the limitations of default texure pack I believe.
For your Artist application your skills with the MCME resource packs are most important. I can't say too much about your Forsaken Inn from only one outside picture. An overview screenshot from each side and some more from inside would be helpful for me. The house seems well build but it's a bit too large for MCME scale. I think the terrain around is completly flat though I can't say from this picture. Good surroundings are very important. Interior looks a bit too basic. You should try to add more details using paintings, item frames, heads (Do you know command /inv h). Also don't place candles everywhere. The chandelier should be enough for the room, maybe one additional candle to carry upstairs when going to bed. If you think it's too dark then, you can change your brightness in options>video setting. You can also use command /fbt.

Looking forward to meet you at the server.



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This application has been denied due to no update or improvement to what was previously said by one of our designers. Please contact me directly if you feel you want to pursue this again.
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