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Aspiring Member
Minecraft Username : StinkyBunny42
Date Joined : 01 November 2014
Themed Build participated in: Nazgûl Tomb
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build:
What is your prefered building style? My preferred style is building boats but I also do many other types.
Included in the link to the pictures you will find my boat build. The boat that I made took a lot longer than my themed build, so focus more on it. The reason that I am applying is because I am experienced with world edit and I want to get up through the ranks so at some point I can use it.


Hardcore MCME-er

For more feedback on your artist application, please refer to Will_em and send him a private message by opening a conversation on the forums.

Small tips:
- try to use www.imgur.com to share your screenshots publicly. There are plenty of guides online to teach you how to make an account.
- Try to post at least 4 pictures per build so we can analyse your builds easily