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Canceled StinkyBunny42's Artist Application


Aspiring Member
Minecraft Username : StinkyBunny42
Date Joined :
01 November 2014
Themed Build participated in: Nazgûl Tomb, Brandywine Bridge, Tower of Ecthelion, Helms Deep project build, Tol-in-gaurhoth, Cottage of Lost Play
Other projects: Pelargir Trade Ship, Pelargir dome contest
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: Dropbox - mcme screenshots
What is your preferred building style? My preferred building style is hand built terrain but I also like more of the smaller type of stuff where detail really matters. I have been applying for artist for like 4 years and my skill has significantly improved over the years. The reason that I am applying right now is because its over the summer and I have more time to work on this since I only work 9-5 and I would really like to spend more time on this server. I understand that it has been a while since I have really been active on this server but I would really like to get back into it, and artist would help me really make a difference on the server. Also since my last application I am now a commoner. Big thanks to all the staff for helping me improve my building style. I lost my account a few weeks ago (possibly hacked) so my username is now ricadamdoo until I can recover my old account from mojang. Here is the screenshot of my Cottage of Lost Play which won theme build of the week:


Commoner StinkyBunny42 (ricadamdoo)
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Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Thank you for updating your application! Please don't make a new thread every time you add new screenshots. Edit your application post above and reply to this thread. Just something like "update". This will make us notice your update ;)

I looked at the screenshots of your Helms Deep. In some part you already use the double wall principle with pillars in front of the actual walls (you use it only for the Deeping Wall and the halls inside). The wall of the keep are looking too simple, there should be more details, like some pillars, an overhanging crown or arrow slits / small windows. Same for the tower, some horizontal structures, arches and other details would improve it greatly. Same for the bridge to the gate. You made some nice decorations in the floor of the courtyard but it still looks very empty.
You use different Materials for your walls and floors, which is good. To improve the large uniform faces of the walls and floors you could mix in some random materials like reddish and mossy cobble and cracked bricks (not sure if all those are in the rohan pack).
I can't see anything at on of the interior pictures (probably in the tower) it is too dark. I like the other interior pictures, walls and arches are very nice. But you really should add some more interior stuff (e.g. crates, tables, chairs, paintings, ...)
Your tower of Ecthelion has more details than your Helm's tower but its not really the style of MCME. I would like to see some pillars in front of the walls, some nice arches. You used some different materials but placed them a bit weird. Its better to have one main pillar material and one main wall material and use some other blocks only for details. The two main materials should not be too similar, they should give some contrast to the build either in color or in structure (e.g. bricks/cobble). I think it is very difficult (maby even impossible) to make diagonal walls and round towers looking nice in MCME. Regarding the iterior of your tower you should mix the different crates and boxes, Finrod already told you that for your ship ;)

Aside of the themed builds you can improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<<. When you finished such a task for a Designer, remember to ask the Designer to give points to your application as described >>here<<.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Sorry I have not replied to this application yet, have been busy IRL :)

Here's some thoughts and tips on some of your submitted builds, try to use these in your future builds or go back to an old one and improve it!
  • Tower of Ecthelion:
    - The top part is probably not supported well enough with the thin pillars carrying it.
    - While the detailing of the outside is very good in the bottom part, there's also parts that are still very uniform and make the entire tower look quite bulky, mainly the middle section that is like a perfect cylinder could use some more detail.
    - Try using a different material for roof parts (not only at the very top, but also where the tower gets significantly thinner). There's various roof shingle blocks in the Gondor pack. Reason for that is on one hand that it's simply easier to construct a roof out of shingles than out of solid stone bricks, on the other hand it adds some different colors to the build, which may also make it look a bit more detailed and interesting.
    - For chandeliers as you have them in your interior you can use an iron fence as center piece instead of a stone slab.
    - The crates and the interior look a bit too ordered and clean; realistically you'd rather have it that the crates are mixed up and and not ordered like yours.
    - Either use different materials for the floors in the tower or/and support it better with some more pillars or walls on the inside. Such unsupported stone floors would collapse.

  • Tol-in-Gaurhoth:
    - It may have been a bit too demanding, but if you read the article about Tol-in-Gaurhoth closely you may have seen that the fortress ontop of it initially was built by Elves to guard the area, so it may have been worth considering not using the "stereotypically evil" materials for this build and make the style rather like something that has some elvish looks to it.
    - Also, don't always try to fit in the entire "thing" into your plot, you could well have made the island bigger and/or only build a part of it so that you have some more space to work with.
    - You have used the various black blocks quite well to make the walls look less uniform. But still it would be possible to bring some variation into it, compare Isengard for some ideas how to combine these blocks.

  • Pelargir Trade Ship:
    - Shapes of the boat and sails are really good!
    - Could add a steering wheel (sticky piston head), ask a Designer for that.
    - Also applies to the Tol-in-Gaurhoth build: If you want to make hanging torches you don't necessarily need to have a piece of rope or chain between it and the ceiling. Rather attach it directly to the ceiling than having it hang right where people walk through. Also having a burning torch right next to a big stack of hay on a wooden boat may not be that good of an idea... :p
    - I would not use these blue-ish shingle slabs you have on your railings for anything else than as house roofs.
    - You can try to make these stereotypical double beds where you have two beds right above each other. The beds on MCME have no-physics, so all you do is place two solid blocks, then the upper bed ontop of it, break the solid blocks below the bed and then place the lower bed there.
So, try to use some of these tips either in future builds, or go back to an older build and try improving on that one!

Also if you update your app, please quickly sum up what you have updated it with so that I know what to look out for ;)


Head Builder
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Head Builder
Media Team
This application is now declined due to inactivity of over a month. Just post here again to open it back up.